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Eco Warrior 5L

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Prana+Therapy ~ Eco Warrior ~ One stop shop for businesses and home

I'm your rebel with a cause helping the world one refill at a time. I harness the antiseptic power of pure essential oils in a synergistic aromatherapy blend to beat germs naturally.

All uses including large areas
Refill smaller Prana+Therapy containers, mopping, laundry, carpet cleaning machines, floor steamer, and car: tyres, wheels, dash, windows, carpet cleaner, exterior areas

5 Litres


Plants plus Water = Prana+Therapy

Prana+Therapy Ingredient Principles
We endeavor to source local and sustainable ingredients. We continuously seek ways to improve and raise our standards in both manufacturing and our business practices. Prana+Therapy is a plant based product that uses synergy to deliver a multitude of benefits without the use of harsh chemicals. New Zealand made and owned, our Prana+Therapy formula is a blend of wild crafted and organic essential oils that are combined in a mix of 100% pure natural edible organic ingredients. Carefully selected to enhance your health and wellbeing. 

A perfect blend of scrumptious, synergistic, steamed, distilled organic and wild crafted 100% PURE essential oils.

Original Formulation
Eucalyptus, Black Spruce, Lavender, Lemon, Fir, Manuka, Sweet Orange, White Grapefruit, Rose Geranium, Rosewood, Neem Leaf Extract, Organic, White Vinegar, Organic plant-based emulsifier, Coco Betaine (plant based and sustainably sourced), Laurel Glucoside (plant sourced glucose and fatty acids), Glyceryl Cocoate (organic vegetable glycerin and coconut oil), Alpha, Olefin, Sulphonate (natural emulsifier), Citric Acid (pH modifier), Jojoba, Sunflower Oil, Carrot Oil, Rosemary Antioxidant (preservative)

Lemongrass & Sandalwood Formulation
Ingredients above along with added Lemongrass, Sandalwood, 

Prana+Therapy products are free from
Chemical preservatives 
Animal derivatives
Synthetic fragrances
Artificial colors
Harsh detergents


Prana+Therapy is a unique blend of purifying, cleansing high quality organic and wild crafted 100% pure essential oils. Prana+Therapy works through a combined effort known as synergy. This unique remedy is administered through inhalation and absorption.

RESTORE ~ Essential oils act as plant hormones, regulating plant functions and orchestrating the production of vitamins and enzymes. They act as messengers and supervisors within the plant that help coordinate and initiate vital plant activities.

Essential oils can also do the same when applied to humans. They can act as neurotransmitters, peptides, steroids, hormones, enzymes, vitamins, and other message-carrying molecules (called ligands), which intelligently assist our bodily functions and help to restore and maintain wellness, promote mental clarity and activity, boost stamina, hydrate dry skin and enhance sense of smell. The lists of benefits received from pure essential oils are endless. When formulated and diluted to proper ratios they become the perfect solution for everyday wellbeing. 

BALANCE ~ Essential oils are the concentrated liquids and essences from plants, containing volatile aroma compounds. They can be inhaled or absorbed in to the skin to rebalance your system. The oils do not contain hormones but have Properties that stimulate hormone production and balance.

Aromatherapy oils been shown to support and balance: the hormonal system, anxiety, PMS, fevers, colds, respiratory issues, insomnia-menopause, cell regeneration, constipation, adrenal fatigue, bacterial and viral infections, flatulence, mental blockages. These are only a few of the benefits received from the amazing pure wild crafted oils that make up the Prana+Therapy formula.

NUTURE ~ Did you know that essential oils are helping many people with their mood? Studies have shown natural essential oils can improve mild to moderate depression, anxiety and many other issues.

The oils used in our formula, individually are described as grounding, nurturing and soothing. They are also effective for stress, headaches, tooth decay, urinary tract infections (UT) liver and kidney dysfunction, herpes & herpes simplex l & ll, cuts and scrapes, athlete’s foot.

CLEANSE ~ Depending on your personal beliefs, essential oils have the potential to uplift the spirit, clean and purify the environment and combat the negativity that we experience daily.

The oils used in our formula are cleansing and purifying for: the lymphatic system, free radicals, congested skin, insect bites, warts, shingles, measles, water retention, odors, detoxifying, burns and blisters, skin tone, collagen porduction. As a result they give an overall glowing healthy complexion.

REPLENISH ~ Essential oils are incredible beauty and skin replenishers. They are perfect for lifting wilted energies, boosting health, energizing the spirit as well as helping eliminate fatigue.

Prana + Therapy is a unique synergy blend of replenishing and balancing pure essential oils, including rose geranium, clary sage, sweet orange and 16 more to refresh the mind and restore harmony. These oils individually, are effective on and have been proven to be: anti – septic, anti –microbial, anti-infectious, anti-carcinogenic, anti-flammatory, anti-fungal, anti viral, anti-phiogistic, anti- bacterial, anti-depressant, anti-oxidants, anti-convulsive,anti-spasmodic, anti-parasitic, autoxidizing as well as contain aphrodisiacal properties.




Prana+Therapy is a unique blend of purifying, cleansing high quality organic and wild crafted 100% pure essential oils. Prana+Therapy works through a combined effort known as synergy. This unique remedy is administered through inhalation and absorption.


The Science Behind Prana+Therapy

We had Prana+Therapy tested at Hill Laboratory in Hamilton NZ with the following results:

~ E. coli reduced 99.90% after one minute and 99.998% after five minutes

~ Staphylococcus aureus (Staph) reduced 56.52% after one minute and 99.43% after five minutes.

~ Pseudomnas aeruginosa reduced 74.36% after one minute and 99.78% after five minutes.

We know that you will find these results to be nothing short of mind blowing and offer a glimpse in to the effectiveness and power of Prana+Therapy.

We have had customers report to us their experiences with Prana+Therapy having tremendous success with asthma, eczema and many other skin conditions and more we make no claims about the benefits or results of Prana+Therapy itself, rather we provide the benefits of the oils within Prana+Therapy as a guide to the properties of Prana+Therapy that the oils contain.


Why is Prana+Therapy labeled natural and not organic?
There appears to be an over-use of the terms ‘organic’, ‘ natural’, ‘ eco-friendly’ and ‘green’ these days. It can be very confusing to understand just what is in a product. Don’t rely on the label to tell you a product is safe, ALWAYS read the ingredients list on the back. Prana+Therapy is made of pure wild crafted and organic essential oils in a base of organic mulsfuifyers, deionized water and organic white vinegar. There are no preservatives or chemicals in our products. Prana+Therapy is about as pure as it gets.

Do you test your products on animals?
Absolutely NOT. Never have and never will.

Should I be worried that there are no preservatives?
No, we have perfected our process so that no artificial preservatives are required.  We sterilise all jars and manufacturing equipment with natural products also.

Why do you choose to include Palm Oil aka Coco Betaine?
We totally understand and are aware of the increasing discontent with the producers of this oil. We would like to assure you that we purchase our supply from a sustainable resource. The supply is Certified as meeting the requirements of RSPO Principles & Criteria (2007) for sustainable Palm Oil production, SGS Ref#MY10/00640. RSPO Certification Qualipalm.

I see you use Palm Oil in your products - why?
There are many providers of Palm Oil who do not destroy Rain forest to grow their crops. Prana NZ Ltd. only purchase Fair Trade and Organic Certified Palm Oil. We can guarantee these suppliers are both Rain Forest Alliance certified and are assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of RSPO Principals & Criteria (2007) for Sustainable Palm Oil Production - Columbia. Palm oil is a wonderful skincare ingredient and we will continue to use it so long as it meets these guidelines.

What is the shelf life of these products?
As a general rule - up to1 year. However, fresh is always best, use them as quickly as possible. Prana+Therapy is 100% plant based and just like any raw plant food item it should be consumed with in weeks of purchase. Prana+Therapy was designed as a multifunctional product, to be dispersed through out your life.

Does Prana+Therapy use any NANO ingredients?
No. The power behind Prana+Therapy products is the synergy. We use synergy to deliver the benefit

So what is the difference between Organic, Natural and what if the front label says "made with Organic indregients" should this be trusted?
There appears to be an over-use of the terms ‘organic’, ‘ natural’, ‘ eco-friendly’ and ‘green’ these day. It can be very confusing to understand just what is in a product. Don’t rely on the label to tell you a product is safe, ALWAYS read the ingredients list on the back. Prana+Therapy is made of pure wild crafted and organic essential oils in a base of organic mulsfuifyers, deionized water and organic white vinegar. There are no preservatives or chemicals in our products. Prana+Therapy is about as pure as it gets.

Can I use Prana+Therapy to replace my deodorant and will it stop perspiration?
Yes Prana+Therapy is great as a deodorant. However it is not a anti-perspirants. It is not deemed healthy to block the pores to avoid perspiration and this can only be achieved with the use of synthetic chemicals.

What are parabens, why should they be avoided?
Parabens are a collection of synthetic chemicals used as preservatives and anti-bacterial ingredients in a huge number of skincare products and hand sanitisers. Research has proved they are dangerous for many reasons but mainly disrupting hormones, causing irritations and being found accumulated in cancer tumours.

Can Prana+Therapy be used as a sunscreen?
No, Prana+Therapy was not designed to be used as a sunscreen. However it works wonders on sunburns. Do to the antiflamitory properties in the essential oils it is very calming and soothing to most superficial burns.

Is Prana+Therapy save to use around my children?
Yes. Prana+Therapy is a totally natural non-toxic product that is used as a dual product for both body care and home care.

Are there any known side affects?
Prana+Therapy is well tolerated by everyone when used as recommended.

Can I use Prana+Therapy on metal?
Yes. Prana+Therapy can be used on metal and in fact will make it stainless steel look better than ever.

Can I use Prana+Therapy on plastic?
Prana+Therapy can be used on all plastics,however when applying Prana+ to clear plastics it should be diluted 1 to 1 and wiped off immediately. This is due to the active citrus oils within the solution.

Can I spray Prana+Therapy on an open wound?
Prana+Therapy is a powerful get gentle formula that is highly disinfecting. The solution is plant-based and non-toxic making it a suitable product for a wide range of skin conditions.

I suffer from allergies, will Prana+Therapy affect my allergies?
Prana+Therapy is a non-toxic aromatherapy solution. It contains 19 100% pure essential oils 10 of which support the body's response to allergies. One could conclude that the reaction could be positive. Prana+Therapy is well tolerated and we have had customers report positive responses to their allergies.

I sugger from eczema, is Prana+Therapy safe on my skin?
Prana+Therapy is a 100% natural aromatherapy product that is powerful yet gentle. Many people have used Prana+Therapy for helping to soothe various skin conditions and rashes and have reported favourable results.

Can I use Prana+Therapy on or around my pets?
Yes. Prana+Therapy is a non-toxic plant based product made with 100% pure essential oils. It is both eco and animal friendly and we have had dogs who cannot tolerate other cleaning options love our product and even soothe chemical burns they have been exposed to. Trusty Companion is made for pets!

Are there any toxic chemicals in Prana+Therapy?
No. Prana+Therapy is 100% natural and biodegradable. Other health, natural, organic and eco companies use harmful chemicals and we set ourseves aoart from all of them as we include zero harmful anything. Clear and simple.

Is Prana+Therapy safe to use during pregnancy?
The synergy formula in Prana+Therapy has been diluted down into a safe and balancing solution at less than 1/2% dilution, making it suitable for use during pregnancy. However, the old adage "when in doubt, dont" remains true. It is recommended that one use caution during the first trimester and avoid the use of most essential oils where possible. Geranium, grapefruit, lavender, lemon, orange and patchouli are the greater oils used in Prana+Therapy are suitable for use after the first trimester.

Many of the claims made in aromatherapy books and articles about not using particular oils during pregnancy are unfounded. Many of these claims are not based on the essential oil concerned, but are from the traditionally claimed effects of the water soluble herbal extracts when taken internally. Such extracts are totally different to the same plant's oil. Essential oils are commonly used as flavourings. It appears then that legislation would have restricted the use of essential oils, even if there was the slightest evidence that using essential oils externally was a risk to the health of a fetus. However wintergreen and birch oils should be avoided when pregnant. This indication is due to the main chemical methyl salicylate that could possibly be absorbed by the skin. Exceeding levels of methyl salicylate in the bloodstream is not a good idea during pregnancy. Prana+Therapy does not contain wintergreen or birch.

The America FDA requires labels to have a caution against using essential oils during pregnancy. The reason for this is due to rare cases of complications in some tests. We advise that you should check with your doctor first before using essential oils while you are pregnant.

However, pregnant woman around the world are using essential oils every day. There are many aromatherapy books with various self prepared formulas just for pregnant women.

What if you accidentally get Prana+Therapy in your eyes?
Prana+Therapy is a non-toxic product with a wide spectrum of uses. Many people say it is both soothing and calming when applied to areas of sensitivities such as the eyes and face. The founder's partner cleared up an eye infection by spraying directly in to the eye.

What does the name Prana mean?
According to Ayurveda, (part of the ancient and oldest scriptures originated in India) *Prana, Ojas (essential energy of the body), exists within the heart. The word Prana means "Life Air" or "Life Force" *Prana is the physical carrier of awareness to the object of perception. *Prana is the life within each breath we take. *Prana the cellular intelligence that continuously flows from one cell to the other. *Prana the internal movement of thought, sensation, feeling, and emotion. *Prana,body, and mind are deeply connected.

Is Prana+Therapy safe for paint and varnish?
Prana+Therapy works wonderfully on painted surfaces to remove dirt and grime. When using on varnished surfaces take precautions and spray on cloth then wipe off dirt, dust and grime. If directly sprayed on varnish surfaces water marks can appear.

Will Prana+Therapy stain carpet or remove colour from fabric?
No. Prana+Therapy will not stain carpet or remove colour from fabric.

Are Prana+Therapy bottles refillable or recyclable?
Yes. Prana+Therapy bottles are both recyclable and refillable except for the 20mL Freedom Fighter, the only size that is not refillable.

What if my children or pets swallow Prana+Therapy accidentally?
The most potentially toxic and hazardous method of using essential oils is through internal Use. By ingesting the oils or using them in suppositories the whole essential oil, and all of its components, find their way directly into the blood. However this caution is mostly regarding ingested essential oils in their whole and concentrated form. When diluted at a ratio of 1% to 1/2 % or less and consumed in small quantities the reaction would in most cases be one of nil. Prana+Therapy has been diluted to less then 1/2% and is a non-toxic body and home care product. However it is not meant to be used internally. If you are worried about your child, you should call your doctor immediately or take your child to an accident and emergency department. You can also call the National Poisons Centre on 0800 764 766 (0800 POISON) or visit their website www.poisons.co.nz


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