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Foundation Series

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Flow Foundations - February Series 
Wednesday 3 Feb, 10 Feb, 17 Feb, & 24 Feb - 4 classes (sold out & completed)
Soon to be available on our online platform. Sign-up for our emails to be notified when.

An introductory series to our Flow classes.  Each class in this 4 week series will act as a guide and foundation for future classes. For those that have previously done our Flow classes, this will provide a wonderful deeper layer to understanding flowing movement.  Beneficial for all levels.

Special February Pass - $80 for all for classes (save $20).
Note: A casual convenience class pass can still be purchased at $25 per class.

Wednesday, 7 pm - 8.30 pm (90 minute class, bookings are required)

~ Flow Class ~
A bespoke, soul nourishing movement regime.  Each class is a divinely, nourishing ritual to end your day with! A movement class that assimilates connection with your breath, body alignment, stability, and balance.  Synchronising the breath and movement through a continuous flow of postures and fluid, dance-like sequences.  

Our movement sequences flow at a graceful pace to feel an intrinsic finesse, that revitalises fitness and rediscovers flexibility, strength, and stability.  Flowing movement that is likened to a beautiful moving meditation.  With a breath-focused connection ~ the mind quietens, awareness amplifies, expression resolves, the heart connects and the soul is soothed. 

Cleanse your palate, rekindle your fire, rejoice in who you are, wish and want to be.  Nurture your essence, embrace your inner goddess, revel in authenticity and honour your beautiful self!

Whimsical movement, with flowing sequences that integrate; ease & grace, softness & strength, exploration & expansion, nurturing & releasing. Artistically curated for women to cherish & honour her beautiful self.

A fusion of beautiful movement modalities that embody ~ contemporary awareness of anatomical movement meeting ancient ancestral wisdom.  An ever growing incorporation of freeing movement modalities that include (although not limited to); dance, somatics, yoga, pandiculation, fascial integration, pilates, calisthenics, plyometrics, stretching and strengthening flow-like sequences. All encapsulated with a continuous and creative reach for soul-connecting movement and beautiful self-care rituals.

~ Be. Flowing Class Benefits ~

Our divine flow classes are thoughtfully curated to improve body and mind ~ flexibility, strength, fitness and vitality.  The key self-enhancements of a flowing body-balancing movement are; effortless breath flow, joint stability, muscular strength, centered core and body alignment suited to your own beautiful body. 

Bespoke movement to assist in improving flexibility, hydrating your bodies fascial system, building joint stability, improving muscular strength, increasing bone density, improving cardiovascular and respiratory health, reducing stress, and improving overall sleep quality.  The continuous, steady flow of movement generates internal heat, which helps to detoxify the body and opens the pathways to revitalisation.

Constant awareness of the natural flow of breath and body while moving through a series of flowing movement sequences increases focus and calms the mind. The ability to flow through challenges one may experience during a class often leads to a greater ability to flow through life’s challenges with better focus and less stress, and be able to confront the bombardment of home, family, work, and friends with a deeper sense of joy and calmness.


We hope you will come to love our classes as much as we love teaching them.  Here is a brief outline to assist you with our classes and enable you to enjoy a beautiful class experience.

Beginners are Always Welcome: 
Our intention is to offer a supportive environment for the beginner right through to those who have more experience. It is important to us that you feel supported at whatever level you may be throughout your flowing journey.

Evening Flow Timetable:
Wednesday, 7.00 pm - 8.30 pm 

Class Pass - Investment Choices:
Eft-pos and credit card facilities are available at class

Casual Convenience Pass 

$35 - per class ($25 per class February 2021 Intro Special)
Allows you to try out a class or attend a class on a casual basis.  

Flow Foundation Concession Pass
$80 - February Foundation Pass*
* 4 classes held over the month of Feb. Save $40

Season Immersion Concession Pass
$240 - Renascence Immersion (March - May 2021)
$299 - Winter Immersion (June - August 2021)*
$299 - Spring Immersion (September - November 2021)*
* 12 classes at $25 per class, save $121

Bookings are required to reserve your place in each class as there are limited spaces available.  This can be made via our 'Contact Us' page or texting Rachel on 021 117 4747.

If you are booked in and then can't make it - please, please let us know. The sooner the better through email or text ASAP. Then someone can take your spot.  If you cancel within the 24 hours of your class starting you will be charged for the class.

Sunderland Lounge, 27 Hudson Bay Rd, Hobsonville, 0616
(entrance and off-street parking on Cinema Road)

Pre-Class Checklist & What to Bring:
Water bottle, a small towel, a yoga mat, a pair of sock to slide in and an eye pillow if you have one.  Due to hygiene & COVID - all participants are expected to bring there own yoga mats.  If you don't have one and would like recommendations please contact us to help you.

Beautiful luxurious crystal infused eye-pillows, and essential oils are available on order and purchase.

We also recommended to avoid eating a heavy meal at least 1-2 hours before your class starts, that way your body has energy for movement versus your energy being drawn to digestion.  If you have any queries around this, please feel free to ask.

What to Wear:
Any type of yoga-fitness clothing; leggings/tights, tank tops, t-shirts anything that is easy to move in and feels comfortable. No footwear is worn during our Be. Flowing classes.

Arrival Time & Warm Up:
Please - arrive early to allow yourself time (5-10 minutes) to set up your movement space and most importantly to not miss the warm-up!

We start on time and the door is locked at the start of class.  This is to avoid disruption to others in the class and allows you to be focused from the beginning. If you happen to turn up and the door is locked we are sorry that you missed our class, maybe today you were meant to have a rest or go for a beautiful walk in the fresh air instead.  We suggest taking the next class instead so you start with a calm and collected mind.

Welcomed & Embraced:
The core essence of all our classes are that you feel warm, embraced and supported in your movement journey.  We want that during our classes you may enjoy the joy, warmth and friendship of other like-minded individuals.  Therefore, we have a ‘no-judgement’ and ‘non-competitive’ policy.  Meaning there are no mistakes, there is no perfection in movement, your opinions are valued, and you may laugh, cry, express yourself, or be quietly reflective.  We ask that you are kind and respectful to everyone joining our classes. 

If this is your first class with us, be kind to yourself. Rest when you need to and listen to your body.  We believe in allowing you the space and comfort to listen to your body by working at a pace that feels comfortable to you! If something doesn’t feel right for you, sit back and take the time to simply observe.  Maybe next time that movement flow sequence will feel right for you to try.  You are welcome to ask questions and talk to your instructor about any concerns you may have.  Your ‘Flow Class’ is essentially a journey of self-discovery.  It really is your own personal journey and no one else’s.

Our intention is that you leave all our classes feeling welcomed and cherished for who you are ~ 'Beautifully You’.


Here are a few questions we quite often get asked that you may find useful …

Do I have to be flexible, fit or strong to participate in a ‘Flow’ class?

You do not need to be any of these to practice movement flow just as you don’t have to be muscular or fit to go to the gym. It is the practice of movement flow itself that helps you build flexibility, stability and strength. Rest assured, it’s not a prerequisite. Come as you are!

Can I participate in one of your classes if I have a medical condition?

If you have medical clearance from your doctor for a current medical condition, then you can go ahead and practice in one of our classes. Otherwise, we suggest you consult your doctor first. That said, many students with injuries, back problems, hypertension, asthma, etc find relief in their movement flow practice. Make sure you inform your instructor of any medical condition you have so personalized instructions may be given to you.

What happens if Covid has caused a level 3 or 4 lockdown?

In the case of a lockdown of level 3 or 4, classes are run through our online Zoom platform.  That means you can still join us from the comfort of your home.  We are happy to help guide you with set-up, so you can join our online sessions with ease.  At first it may seem a little strange to join online classes, but we know from experience you will soon come to love it. 


Rachel specialises in movement alchemy, flowing movement, dance, fitness, yoga, high-vibrational living, botanical beauty nutrition and cuisine, beauty apothecary and beautiful self-care rituals.

She is a university qualified (BSc - Sport Science) fitness-sports trainer and a certified 200 RYT yoga instructor with over 25 years experience in movement.  Her skills and background range from the various movement modalities of dance, yoga, pilates to training elite athletes and complex injury rehabilitation.

The beauty and elegance of dance captivated her interest from a young age.  At the age of 13 her dance fascination turned to Latin dancing.  She later competed and placed first in NZ's first ever Salsa and Lambada competition.  It was from here that her dancing career turned professional; dancing for Latin Fever Dance Productions and performing live dance shows in her early twenties.  From this point on, her passion and love of movement has never left.  The connection with ‘dance’ has become her muse.  A sensory form of expression that paints our personal story, one that connects us back to our own unique essence of beauty.  A harmonising and soul soothing approach to connect, feel, express and share!

She believes movement is a beautiful form of expression, it exudes and releases suppressed emotion.  It allows us to connect on a deeper level to feel, immerse and simply ‘be’ our beautiful selves.  A route to express oneself and provides a wonderful solution to suppleness, stability, strength and centeredness.  Her continual quest for learning and expanding her knowledge of the body, movement, and our beautiful selves led her to creating these uniquely curated classes for all to enjoy.  With a continual passion to explore movement, she is a constant seeker and adores the journey of unearthing and incorporating modalities for the body to feel fabulous and free.


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